The purpose of this page is learning, information dissemination, and scientific debate for those interested in Egypt's public health and its linkages to human development and social justice. In doing so, this page is committed to have a neutral stand and to present all views equally. This blog is based on the work of different experts in their field.


Human Development
  1. New Structural Economics: A Framework for Rethinking Development (2011) English
  2. Population, poverty, and sustainable development - A review of the evidence (2011)
  3. The State of the World's Children (2011) English
  4. Rethinking school feeding social safety nets, child development, and the education sector (2009) English
  5. Facts for Life English عربي
Social Justice
  1. Social Determinants Approaches to Public Health(2011) English
  2. Equity, Social Determinants and Public Health Programmes (2010) English
  3. Narrowing the Gaps to meet the Goals (2010) English
  4. Innovative Pro-Poor Health Care Financing and Delivery Models (2009) English
  5. Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity through action of the Social Determinants of Health (2008) English عربي
  6. Analyzing Health Equity Using Household Survey Data (2008) English
  7. Reaching the Poor with Health, Nutrition, and Population Services (2005) English
Governance & Political Economy
  1. Assessment of Governance and Corruption in the Pharmaceutical Sector (2010) English
  2. Problem Driven Governance and Political Economy Analysis (2009) English
  3. Public Stewardship of Private Providers in Mixed Health Systems (2009) English
  4. The Political Economy of Policy Reform (2008) English 
Global WHO Reports
  1. The World Health Report 2010 - Health Systems Financing: the path to universal coverage  English عربي
    1. Background Papers (1-27 papers) English
    2. Background Papers (28-65 papers) English
  2. WHO | The world health report 2000 - Health systems: improving performance
Global World Bank Health Sector Strategies & Reports
  1. Improving Effectiveness and Outcomes for the Poor in Health, Nutrition, and Population (2009)
  2. Health, Nutrition, and Population Sector Strategy 2007
  3. Health, Nutrition, and Population Sector Strategy 1997 
  4. World Development Report 2004: Making Services Work For Poor People
  5. World development report 1993 : Investing in Health
Health Financing
  1. Scaling Up Affordable Health Insurance (2013) English
  2. Health Insurance Manual (2011) English
  3. Implementing Health Financing Reform (2010) English
  4. Designing and Implementing Health Care Provider Payment Mechanisms: How to Manuals (2009)
  5. Social Health Insurance vs. Tax-financed Health Systems: Experience from OECD Countries (2009) English
  6. Performance-based Contracting for Health Services in Developing Countries (2008)
  7. Good Practices in Health Care Financing (2008)
  8. Governing Mandatory Health Insurance (2008)
  9. Private Voluntary Health Insurance in Development: Friend or Foe? (2007) English
  10. Health Financing Revisited - A Practitioner's Guide (2006)
  11. Beyond survival : protecting households from health shocks in Latin America (2006)
  12. Public Ends, Private Means: Strategic Purchasing of Health Services (2005) English
  13. Achieving Universal Health Coverage: Developing the Health Financing System (2005) English
  14. Spending wisely: Buying Health Services for the Poor (2005) English
  15. Risk Pooling in Health Care Financing: The Implications for Health Systems Performance (2004)
  16. Tax-Based Financing for Health Systems: Options and Experiences (2004) English
  17. Contracting for the Delivery of Community Health Services: A Review of Global Experience (2004)
Service Delivery Publications
  1. Improving the Delivery of Health Services: A Guide to Choosing Strategies (2011) English
  2. Developing Strategies for Improving Health Care Delivery (2010)
  3. Toolkit for Accreditation Programs (2008)
Health Systems Publications
  1. Health Systems Analysis for better Health Systems Strengthening (May 2011) English
  2. Health Systems Assessment Approach: How to Manual English
  3. Engaging Stakeholders in Health Systems Assessment: A Guide for HSA Teams English
Public Health Publications
  1. The Growing Danger of Non-Communicable Diseases: Acting Now to Reverse the Course (2011).
  2. Public Policy and the Challenge of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (2007)
Nutrition Publications
  1. Reshaping Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (2012) English
  2. Scaling Up Nutrition - What Will It Cost? (2009) English
  3. Repositioning Nutrition As Central Development (2006) English
Pharmaceutical Publications
  1. Pharmaceutical Reform: a guide to improving performance and equity (2011)
  2. A Practical Approach to Pharmaceutical Policy (2010) English 
Public Private Partnerships
  1. Health Policy Toolkit English
  2. Public-Private Partnerships and Collaboration in the Health Sector. An Overview with Case Studies from Recent European Experience (2006) English
  3. Trends and Opportunities in Public-Private Partnerships to Improve Health Service Delivery in Africa ((2005) English
  4. Public Private Partnerships for Health: A Review of the Best Practices in the Health Sector (2003) English

Egypt Health Reports
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