The purpose of this page is learning, information dissemination, and scientific debate for those interested in Egypt's public health and its linkages to human development and social justice. In doing so, this page is committed to have a neutral stand and to present all views equally. This blog is based on the work of different experts in their field.

At A Glance

Egypt at a Glance


  1. In Figures في أرقام
  2. Basic Data بيانات أساسية
  3. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) أهداف الالفية
  4. Health Data بيانات الصحة
  5. Child Health صحة الطفل
  6. Maternal Health صحة الام
  7. Reproductive Health الصحة الانجابية
  8. Female Genital Mutilation ختان الاناث
  9. NutritionMalnutrition التغذية و سوء التغذية
  10. Tobacco Epidemic